An Unwelcome Guest

Unwanted! Ugly! Painful! Stubborn! Contagious! Embarrassing!

“Mum (or dad)! What’s this on my foot?”  The dreaded question just before the swimming lesson.

You have a look and yes, there it is.    

What are we talking about?

Verrucas and warts. Most people have had them, nobody wants them. 

The experts say that the only answer really is that the body’s own immune system has to get rid of them but that can take years.  In the meantime they can spread and become really troublesome, especially in people whose immune systems are compromised or suppressed through illness.  This can be really miserable.  Also, if your little one has verruca, it can be a real problem when it comes to swimming, gymnastics, or any other activity where bare feet are required.

So, what treatments are out there?  If you look online you will read lots of advice from covering the verruca or wart to try to suffocate it, to applying a whole host of different things you find in your kitchen cupboards.  Lots of people try over-the-counter verruca and wart treatments, most of which are based on salicylic acid.  The main problem people find with these treatments is that they cause the skin surrounding the wart or verruca to become very red, sore and uncomfortable and very often they don’t improve the underlying problem anyway.  Or you can visit a professional podiatrist but even they don’t always achieve success and, again, can be quite uncomfortable.

This is why we have created our Botanical Verruca and Wart Oil.  It is made of 100% organic plant oils with 3 essential oils working in synergy to effectively treat the verruca or wart whilst causing no damage whatsoever to the surrounding skin.  In fact, if the oil is applied to skin which has been irritated by previous methods of treatment it will have an immediate soothing, healing effect.  

So, if you or your little ones have a verruca or wart and you would like to treat it painlessly with a product containing no harsh ingredients and only nature’s miracles, try our Botanical Verruca and Wart Oil and prepare to be amazed!

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